My Top 3 Values
Every time I see parents with their children, I want to applaud them because I know it’s not easy these days to raise a family in a social environment that often undercuts the family unit. The family is the strongest deterrent to societal breakdown and the foundation upon which we build our laws. The family must not be redefined. Any law that undermines the family will never get my vote.
All my life I have run my own business – in flowers, as a web developer, and as a landlord. I am an entrepreneur, an innovator. In business, I’ve hired employees, dealt with regulations, insurances, and taxes, and gained first-hand experience how government affects business. Government should facilitate strong economic activity, which is good for everybody in society, including government.
Service groups, Rotaries, Lions Clubs, the Elks, churches, the Chamber, sports teams – none of them come from government – but these are the threads that make the Eagle River community a great tapestry and a beautiful place to live. I encourage you to get involved, meet neighbors, talk to folks when out and about. This is a deterrent to crime and builds community character. Thank you for what you do.
Values-Based Conservative
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Eagle River District 14 State House - Primary Election: August 21, 2018
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